Welcome to the Domain Name Solution!

Get Your piece of the Internet Pie, buy a little piece of Internet Real Estate, and stake you claim in the new (cyber) world! DNS143, or the Domain Name Solution ~ I Love You! has the task and purpose of being a completely different kind of service. We are here for the little guy, who does not have a million dollar Information Technology.

Welcome to the Domain Name Solution!

DNS143, or the Domain Name Solution ~ I Love You! has the task and purpose of being a completely different kind of service.  We are here for the little guy, who does not have a million dollar Information Technology.  We can help you get Your piece of the Internet Pie, to buy a little piece of Internet Real Estate and stake you claim in the new (cyber) world!  We will show you how to do this at a very low price, so you are not wasting money on things you do not need and big companies are trying to sell you.

Domain Name Loss

First of all, we are for the little guy.  That is you!  We make getting your website and keeping it simple.  For example, the #1 reason small business lose their valuable website, is they forget to renew their Domain Name, and some advertizes steals the customer base you have built up over a few years, and they make money one your hard work by serving them advertizement when they are looking for you.

We created a Solution, just have a domain name that does not need to be renewed, we call it the “I Love You Network!” (DNS143.Net) because instead of the advertisers who steal you domain names (and your hard work), saying I love you guys for making us big business rich, you will say, “Domain Name Solution, I Love You!”

Internet High Cost

If you have a degree in Information Technology, or run a large IT shop, well, you likely have a multi-million budget, and don’t need us!  We are here for the people who have a tight budget.  They are the small business, the person with a message that deserves to be heart, the club, chapter or group that had a message, even the mom and pop store down on the corner.  In fact, huge IT shops are afraid of us!

It is like this, we lowered the cost of getting you own address on the Internet.  Ask anyone … To get a custom domain name you can use with email, and quality DNS (Domain Names Service/System), and WebPage Servers (‘hosting”), and Email Servers (“Mail Exchangers”) and of course you need a computer programmer and a web designer to put all that together for your site!  You can just imagine you cost going up, Up, UP!  You need a better, more cost friendly Solution!  DNS143!

“Domain Name Solution ~ I Love You!”

DNS143 is for you of you do not know everything there is to know about the way the Internet works.  As we say, you may be confused about Domain Name Servers, Domain Names, the Domain Name System and how the complicated way the Internet is hooked together, but DNS143 makes all that easy!  That is why people say, “Domain Name Solution ~ I Love You!”

The Missing Link

Most people do not know that most of what you need for a good, quality, business level website is available FREE on the Internet for hobbyist.  The key word here is “most” and it means “not all!”  There are a couple things missing.  Because you do not have those couple things, that is why big Information Technology departments can charge big money for websites.  But wait, if you could just add those few pieces, you could have a high quality website for your business, message or cause, or even a home business, and have just a low cost, and no reoccurring bills every month or every year!

The trick, of course, is getting those few pieces, and knowing what to do with them.  That is where DNS143 comes in.  We have put this all together in a low, one time package.  The cost is lower than you would expect!

What About FREE Services?

Free services are fine, as long as you have a Plan-B!  Someone always pays for free services, it is like the mark of the beast, the 666 of the Internet world.  Free Services are offered to make the Free Service Provider money!  Free Email, for example, is great,, Yahoo, etc., you can get an email account in just a minute and all you have to do is look at their ads they flash on your screen.  No problem with that, right?  Well, there is no problem as long as you are just emailing your friends… But what if you are in business, or you have a reputation you want people to trust?  What if you are selling something, or hoping for contributions or  donations?  But yourself in the buyers shoes… would you want to send money to someone using an email account on Yahoo or Hotmail they may have opened up just a few minutes ago.  It is a fact that most email scams come from Free Email.  It takes a minute to sign up, with any name you can type!  Do you want to trust that with your hard earned money?

Would you want to send you money to that email address?

It really make you think!  It took them one minute to set up that account, and how long to take it down?  Less!  They collect money and are gone like the wind, without a trace.  Now let’s look at this another way…  Say you have a lighting company called GreatLites, Inc.  Would you believe (and send money to) the above yahoo or hotmail (where 96% of scams are) or would you choose this instead:

  • www
  • email
  • email

It takes registration, and some money, and a few days to get this set up, not one minute for free!  Notice that “greatlites” is on the right of the @ sign, not on the left as in most scams.  It is easy to see why most scammers have email address that look something like these:


To Avoid Scams

The key to avoid scams is simple, the domain name and the right side of the email address should match (like in our greatlites example above).  There are millions of websites telling this to people now.  Just look look at the paragraph Wikipedia wrote about Web-based email (free email services)

It sounds a little like they are picking on Gmail, it is not a problem with the Gmail service.  The real problem is with the “” being used as an email address because it does not match!

Same Problem Reversed

The same problem arises when you use a “free hosting” service.  Consider how would you match your email domain name to any of these domain names.


The problem with these sites is that you will never get matching email (the same problem reversed!).  You cannot have:


 The HUGE Problem

The Huge Problem with Free Sites, is also called the Hidden Problem.

  • USA.Net (email)
  • (email, social media)
  • (email)
  • (free hosting with tens of millions of websites)
  • (free DNS)
  • (free DNS for anyone)
  • Yahoo Search (It is now Bing in Yahoo clothing)
  • Altavista
  • Yahoo Buzz
  • MyBlogLog (social network)
  • Yahoo Site Explorer

What does this list have in common, they are all popular FREE Internet services that shut down!

USA.Net ~  My main email addresses were once and  When went belly up and cut their free services, all my customers had a FREE email address they could NOT write to me on.  I had no way to continue using those email address.  USA.Net started selling what it previously offered for “free forever!”

Geocities.Com ~ Yahoo, decided to put the plug on FREE Geocities web hosting, they gave some time for people to move their websites.  However, on the day Geocities died, there were still 10,700,000 active domains. is gone and no way to use that domain any longer. ~ One of the first/biggest FREE DNS companies on the Internet.  It not only closed the “free forever” accounts, it also closed the “lifetime” accounts and forced everyone to convert to monthly and yearly plans.  They followed the money into a niche market with huge users needing super high quality DNS services.  The people who help them get started, then had to get lost! (Or pay up big-time!)  I no longer have an account at Dyn… ~ Just this year, MyDomain shut down their FREE DNS.  It is not “free” only if you buy your domain from them.  Fortunately I was able to manually move all my clients off of there servers (I was there for 8 years).  That required, transferring about 30,000 DNS records by hand, needless to say I was busy.  It also means than, in my opinion, there are no longer any reliable, quality DNS services available (those that are available I would not use on a production site, or they are actively trying to sell you stuff – spam anyone?).

They all were free and good services, and they all closed down their free services because they lost too much money.  You see, FREE doesn’t work without income!  As I said before, there is ALWAYS someone paying the bills!

DNS143 would solve all these huge problems, and it is still “almost free!”

Almost Free

This state of affairs led us to think about “Almost Free!”  We started looking at the real problems of all these free services, and it always came back to two things, Domain Names and DNS.  In 2005 we started working on a plan for a “what-you-need-is-what-you get” service that on 2007-06-23 was named Gamot.Net.  It was basically get a domain name from our root, and DNS, for a one time fee that would perpetually pay the bills and give you a domain name you could use for both website and email addresses.  We also threw in a 3 page (later expanded to 8 page) website hosting for a complete package!

Over the last 5 years, we have learned and developed the system, today we are being to re-brand it to DNS143.Net.  The Domain Name Solution ~ I Love You Network!

Where as focused on the domain name, and gave you a matching DNS, it also forced you to have one of our domain names (although they are very good!), and it also had no provision for someone with their own domain name to use our “free” DNS.

So DNS143 reversed the situation.  In Gamot.Net you bought the domain name and got the DNS for “free” ~ In DNS143 you buy the DNS and get the Domain Name for “free!”

With the new service, all clients have all the features they had before and more.  For examples, clients may change their domain names if they want!  Unlike before, where clients were forced to use our domain names to get quality DNS service, which means if a client wanted to sell a domain name it was as is.  Now if a client wants to sell his dns service, the new owner can change the domain name to one of his choosing, or even use a domain name of his own!  EVERYTHING in DNS143 will be configurable.


Is DNS143 a Good Quality?

Of course you would expect us to say yes!  However, let me tell you a secret ( please do not tell anyone else 🙂 )  The programmer who is working on this has been working on computer networks for 40 years.  That is right, 4 decades!  Way back to ARPA (now DARPA) and ARPANET!  Master, Guru, Genius, Jedi, Lolo, Grandpa, Dinosaur, what ever computer geek term you can think of, this guy has been writing computer programs since before the Internet (which he helped invent)!  I would dare anyone to go down to their local Internet Technology Shop and talk face to face with the Programmers.  Ask some of them how long they have been writing code and developing programs.  Dare say you will not find any that are still writing code 40 years later!  In fact, he was in the room when the first DNS server was demonstrated any where in the world!


Welcome to DNS143

So as I write this introduction, I would like to Welcome You to DNS143!  We hope to be growing together in a real and true cooperative way!

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